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A very cloudy day in Lagos, I was wondering what the sun was up to. With a previous knowledge about Art café during a visit last year with my brother, I re-visited again not with my brother this time, but with my friend Serbia Wilson, and we definitely got tales to tell.


TIJESU: It looked hideous as it has always been, and for the first time I noticed a new restaurant (Noir) adjacent to it, Serbia recalled about her experience there not too long ago claiming it was pricey.


SERBIA: Oh yes, Noir was so pricey but they do sure have a nice painting at the rooftop of the building. My ride then was affordable with taxify.
TIJESU:I reached for the gate, and there was a vivid construction going on, it seemed like a mini art gallery, I forgot to find out.

SERBIA: I thought as much on getting there, but then, I was really carried away by the aesthetic environment, I was already thinking of my poses lol.

TIJESU: It is a simple bungalow with a ‘homestore’ downstairs and the café upstairs. It also has a small surrounding with no parking space. We finally reached for the staircase leading to the café, and it was beyond beautiful as it was too artistic. The staircase which was in red paintings was surrounded by a shelf of flower vases and other art pieces, I was in awe as usual.


SERBIA: I kept staring around the café, it looked really small, but then, I was captivated by the artworks made out of tiles, old newspapers and paintings.


TIJESU: It felt like I was in the US, as outside the café was filled with a bunch of just white visitors, some chanting in Spanish, some English. We were clearly overwhelmed by them as the black waiter ushered us inside the café and handed us separate menus. I didn’t like the dim lighting inside as I usually don’t in most restaurants and cafes I visit. I asked Serbia if we could go back outside, and she obliged.

SERBIA: I was unsure about which was better when Tijesu asked if we could go back outside, but i realized it was much better and lively staying outside.


TIJESU: I requested to have Fries & Chicken Suya, because I’ve had a great experience with the Chicken Suya during my last visit and I wasn’t in for experiments this time because I was damn famished. It was served in a basket of different spices and sauce. I identified the Ketchup and Serbia brought out the pepper sauce which tasted horrible.

SERBIA: I actually expected the pepper sauce to taste like normal pepper and probably make the fries taste better, but no, it was really bad. I had a nice time with my meal however and it was affordable.


TIJESU: My fries appeared more than I thought it would in terms of quantity. Hurriedly, I dip my hands into it, of course after taking a few pictures and it tasted really nice. My subconscious says its because you’re hungry man, I partially agree. I dip my hands yet again and I could finally agree it tasted really great which is comparable with what you can have at ‘Le Maison Fahrenheit Hotel’, and better than what you can have at Spar, Tejuosho Plaza, Yaba. My tastebuds were grateful.

SERBIA: The fries was actually more than I expected and it was really nice together with the ketchup, I was pleased.


TIJESU: I was confused about the way my Chicken Suya was served. Because, Serbia also ordered Meat Suya and they were both served together in a plate. We were left to figure out chicken from meat, which wasn’t so hard but which could have been clearly avoided. I correct the waiter of his mistake, in case of subsequent times.
SERBIA: Trueeeee! I was wondering if my order was still coming not knowing it was already served together. I requested to have a soft drink, and it was so pricey comparing it to what you can have at Burg.
TIJESU: The Suya was served with tomatoes that wasn’t as juicy as I would have preferred, raw onions I don’t eat, and Suya pepper that has lost it’s potency as it wasn’t even peppery. I recall my previous experience where I found everything syncing. The Chicken Suya itself didn’t taste as great as the fries. I was battling with the unsureness of either it being stale or it being some other type of chicken I probably wasn’t familiar with. The white manager asks if everything is okay, a fake smile in assent to his gestures manages to escape.
SERBIA: I was just asking Tijesu questions about his achievments in school, and he told me quite a lot that got me really impressed.


TIJESU: It was already 2:57 pm and it was still cloudy. We resorted to waiting for the sun to peep a little so we can glow in our pictures. Well, our patience did not make the sun come out as it clearly had other plans, we had to work with the current situation. After taking a few pictures with the help of those working on the new construction downstairs, the black security guard who has been inactive since (probably sleeping) jumps out to interrupt us saying taking pictures wasn’t allowed. I try to explain to him we weren’t random strangers that hopped in out of joblessness to take pictures without ordering something first. We leave him trying to understand that as we were already done. And we stroll down the streets passing by Noir, Nok by Alara & Brown’s café.
SERBIA: I felt embarrassed when the security guard walked up to us to tell us taking pictures wasnn’t allowed. He probably didn’t know we already ordered something as he was clearly inactive since we hopped into the restaurant.


TIJESU: Even though I had an amazing time, it wasn’t as great as my first visit. If ever I come back to the café, I know fully well it would be for the fries. 
SERBIA: I had mad fun actually, especially seeing my guy after a long time. It was a great experience!




Fries – N3,000


Chicken Suya – N700


Meat Suya – N700


7UP – N1,000


TOTAL – N5,400.

I hope you had a glimpse of our experience at Art Café? Is there something you think we left out? Let us know in the comments section as I would be most delighted reading and responding to them. Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Tijesu.


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