It was a rough day actually, as I didn’t leave home early enough and got to the venue quite late which is not my usuals. 


I went with my brother (Enioluwa), and with little or no knowledge about what to expect from the yellow-themed restaurant, I finally approached there. It looked much like a restaurant unlike some restaurants like south eatery & social house that looks homely.

The outdoor space looked much different from what was shown online with the outdoor seats & tables clearly invisible, I assumed it was the branch at Ikeja that possessed that.

Yellow chili offers an African continental cuisine. Although, I can easily relate to that, I’m not all about such dishes; basically because I think I’ve had enough plus I don’t like limiting my choices to dishes I’ve found myself comfortable with in the past (it gets boring), as I always love trying new dishes each time I visit a restaurant. 

My brother & I actually had difficulties in selecting a particular meal from the menu. And the waiter was clearly impatient to take our orders, after much consideration and analysis lol, I finally decided to have the goat curry, it’s a meal off the menu (which is in conjunction with my exploration desire) which offers white rice and goat meat dipped in curry sauce. 


ENIOLUWA: And I decided to have the ‘Chef’s combo platter’, it offered plantains, efo riro and snails. 
TIJESU: I came across that menu though but I didn’t see the combination going.
(Continue story to find out if we liked or disliked  our meal choices…)


ENIOLUWA: I wanted to have the Smirnoff ice for drinks, sadly, the waiter said it wasn’t available; so Tijesu & I decided to settle for the fruit drinks
TIJESU: I wasn’t settling for fruit drinks lol, you were the only one that wanted beer right from the start. But then, it’s ironic  how you present something in your menu, and bummer; it isn’t available.
ENIOLUWA: My meal arrived first, and as usual, Tijesu told me to hang on a second until his meal arrives to so he can take pictures of them. The thought of rolling my eyes and failing at it made me agree with myself on how I’m already used to his gestures. 


TIJESU: Five minutes later, my meal arrives to and Ayomide (The celebrant), comes to call us outside as we resorted to taking pictures while waiting for my menu.


(Takes pictures of food & drink)
ENIOLUWA: My meal was all I hoped it will be, the efo riro (a soup likened to to Yoruba’s) was not too soft. It contained fish but no pomo. (Animal skin; a type of meat).
The plantains were brown & crisp just how I love it and the snails were more than great.
TIJESU: Oh yes, your snails tasted great but no as good as what Bheerhugz cafe offers. 
Without tasting my meal, I already knew it was going to fall in my category of risks gone wrong series 

The rice was bland although stylish with some veggies arranged by it. The curry sauce too spicy and refused to sync with the rice. Everyone could tell of my resentment. 

Like I didn’t already have enough, the goat meat wasn’t properly boiled before being dipped in the curry sauce as it lacked taste after the surface. Not to mention, how hard it was to chew, I managed to take in a chunk. 
I complained to the attendant, and he only smiled sheepishly. I muttered within myself that it’s one of those times. 
At least my drink was supposed to relieve me of the shaky meal experience right? Well, no! It didn’t. It didn’t taste much like a pineapple juice and I’m wondering if it was the lime splash cause something wasn’t just working.

ENIOLUWA: My orange juice was just there, it tasted stale like they extracted it out of old oranges. My imaginary Smirnoff Ice would have definitely tasted better.

TIJESU: The indoor lighting was dull, really dull for my preference actually. We could barely see our faces.

I managed to sing a birthday song for the birthday boy after much debate amongst us on who to sing. (I hoped he loved it though).

Finally, we paved those still seated goodbye and Ayomide (The birthday boy) saw us off. I knew within myself I might not re-visit again.
Goat curry – N3,700
Chef’s combo platter – N3,300
Fruit drinks (Orange & Pineapple) – N1,400
VAT @ 5% – 420
Other taxes @ 5% – 420
TOTAL – N9,240.


I hope you had a glimpse of our experience at the Birthday Brunch. Let me know what you feel in the comments section as I would be most delighted responding to them. Thanks for stopping by !
Love, Tijesu. 


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