Location: Ikeja, GRA. 


One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a Lifestyle Blogger is about an affordable place to hangout. Burg in my own opinion combines affordable and aesthetic. Burg which is a new restaurant is recently becoming a popular for chills and hang outs.


Burg is one of the few places I discovered offline, in the sense that, my friend and I decided to scout for cool places in Ikeja on one cloudy day (thank God it wasn’t sunny), and then from the cantonment at Ikeja we randomly walked into one Isaac John street, Ikeja, GRA and after trekking for about four minutes into the street we started approaching cool places. Asides Burg, we also discovered, Ruff’n’tumble, Radisson blu (Formerly Renaissance Hotel), and Protea Hotel. I remember having a nice time at Burg then.


It is my second visit to the white-themed restaurant and it looked much better than my first visit. During my first visit, it didn’t look much like they were in operation, as it was somewhat isolated. 

I was here this time for the burger, it was the egg bert and after waiting for about 15 minutes and the chef asking about what I preferred inside the burger which was chicken, it finally arrived. I decided to have the eggbert because the menu showed it was affordable at only 1000 naira (I knowww! Rather cool just like I thought). I had water too cause I was hydrated which brought the total cost to 1,200 naira. 
I possibly can’t express how great the burger tasted, because it was made to perfection. The bun which contained the fillings was crisp, soft & warm. The chicken in the burger was tender and the Burg Breakfast sauce and other fillings which included Scrambled eggs, Spring onions; and Cheese did not portray any uncomfortable taste whatsoever just as in Sugarcane & The Lagoon as they were in communion with my taste buds. I was so content with the burger like I never have elsewhere, it made me wonder if that’s the reason why they coined their restaurant name ‘Burg’ as in ‘Burger’, their chefs probably have foreign acquired culinary skills as it tasted similar to what you can have at McDonalds.


There were also certain things new to me like the remote, the trash-your-bin yourself control, the interior newspaper backdrop & the umbrella over the seats at the entrance of the restaurant.


Basically, when you place an order, you’re given a remote that buzzes when your order is ready, I don’t see that often amongst other restaurants even in boutique hotels, so if you’re a picture lover just like me, you can wander around the restaurant and take pictures or simply admire it’s environment while waiting for your remote to buzz which could take about 15 minutes or more depending on what you ordered.
Present outdoor is a bar, a table tennis space and outdoor games like ludo, chess e.t.c
Ideally, after eating your meal, you’re supposed to trash your bin yourself by sliding your tray into the bin hole and tilting it downwards so the trash/leftover can slide in easily. There is a space provided on top of the bin where trays from other customers are stacked as a precedent to drop your tray afterwards. Also, if you need cutleries, serviettes & ketchup sauce; you pick it up yourself at a space close to the counter. I found these controls interesting, as it inflicts mannerism and courtesy.
I kept staring at the interior backdrops made out of old newspaper, as it was art made out of basics. It was very creative and minimalistic.
Also, the umbrella over the wooden seats just at the entrance of the restaurant made much sense as it was an upgrade to my previous visit as it helps protect one from the scorch of the sun while chilling and having a nice time.

Burg is really an artsy location to hangout when on a budget. Their staffs are really friendly as a nice lady that attended to my friend and I helped in taking our pictures accurately, I’m sad I can’t recall her name. I’m totally love struck with the restaurant and I would never get tired of re-visiting as it seems as though better than previous each time as there’s always a new side to it or probably cause they weren’t launched fully then and still standardizing their processes and procedures, I’m on to find out.


I hope you had a glimpse of my amazing experience at Burg? Please don’t hesitate to leave me your questions and genuine feedback in the comments section as I would be most delighted reading and responding to them. Thanks for stopping by! 


Love, Tijesu.


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  1. I enjoy every moment reading your blog. Your so precise and explicit in your explanations! Well done !God bless!!

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