In a bid to unwind from my recently concluded professional exams, I resorted to four cool places I presumed would be instrumental to a stress easing break. They were; Rufus & Bee, Get Arena, Crust & Cream & The coffee shop at Backyard Lagos.

LOCATION: Twin waters, Lekki.
Rufus & Bee is a gaming centre that is gradually gaining prominence in terms of its distinctiveness. It offers a variety of games which includes but are not limited to; karaoke dancing games, bike & motor racing, basketball, virtual football, shooting games, speed of light, dart, bowling and so much more.
There was a board at the entrance that showed a variety of options for chips purchases. 

The attendant was extremely polite as she explained the procedures for a first timer, even though it was indicated on the board. Ideally, to gain access to the games, you have to purchase a card loaded with a number of chips that you swipe to play a game. The least number of chips you can purchase is 55 chips which is 5,000 naira. It includes a 1,000 naira card charge for a first timer which won’t be necessary for a subsequent visit and a 5% VAT which is charged on every purchase, first timer or not lol. This brought the cost to a total of 6,300 naira. The charge per game ranged from 3.5 to 10 chips.

The lighting was humid and the music relaxing. I noticed their suave taste in old country music which I actually connected with even if I’m not an old soul.
There was a restaurant in case you were famished and of course a restroom. I totally loved the ambience generally, it’s one of those places that makes you feel like a child once again. I’m definitely visiting again!!!
LOCATION: Victoria island (opposite Lagos Oriental Hotel).
Get arena is a go-to place for some intense fun, and that was the mindset I had prior to visiting the entertainment centre. The outdoor space communicates fun. Present was also a restaurant which would definitely be of help after an exhilarating ride.
Get Arena offers a ride on a Go kart (a type of open- wheel car). It costs N4,000 per person for adults and N3,000 for children to ride the kart which offers a course of 12 laps.
There are tyres around the building to reduce the intensity of crashes and a helmet for protection. There was also a ‘Goonies Kiddies play corner’ which offered a wide variety of arcade games for children and also had it’s own restaurant.
However, I didn’t get to ride the go kart because of my fears after watching about two people ram into the tyres in full intensity, that would probably be my cogent reason for re-visiting.
LOCATION: Victoria island. (Same street as Backyard Lagos).
Crust and cream is a restaurant that combines a bakery, pastry and a bistro. The entrance was fairly aesthethic. However, I loved the super comfy seats which was indoor, it felt like a home couche, it was also vast enough for relaxation after dining.
The donut glazed with caramel toppings tasted great, There was an uncomfortable sharp taste likened to methylated spirit/dry gin in the chocolate pudding. The dark chip cookies was too hard to chew and the yoghurt chocolate cake emerged as my favorite, no complaints, it was icy and just what any sweet tooth would want to have.
There was a shisha stand present at the outdoor space and a beautiful water fountain I couldn’t get my eyes off. It was a beautiful space!
LOCATION: Backyard Lagos.
The new coffee shop at Backyard Lagos is actually what prompted my second visit, taking into consideration also the fact that it was just on the same street as crust and cream, I figured it was the best time for me to check it out.
It was ironic how I fell in love with ice cream at a ‘coffee shop’ as there were different flavors displayed just by the counter that kept my eyes engaged as I gazed at each flavor. Ideally, I wouldn’t even take a hot coffee on a hot afternoon, so it only made sense opting for something icy. I solicited the attendant’s opinion on what flavor was best, and he confidently recommended the strawberry and the oreo flavor amongst others. I requested to have a scoop of each and I didn’t regret it.
I was totally impressed not only by the comfort & beauty of the coffee shop but also by the general improvement in aesthetics at Backyard Lagos as it looked totally different from my first visit with a change in backdrops and a few new additions.
I hope you had a glimpse of my experience. Did my experience take you on a journey/mind travel? Do you want to gain further clarity on any of the places highlighted? Let me know what you feel in the comment sections as I would be most glad responding to them.
Love, Tijesu.




  1. I always look forward to your outings and reviews tbh. But I have a question. Can two people share a card at Rufus and bee?

  2. Yeah, sure! Multiple people can share a single card, just ensure you opt for a considerable amount of chips that would be sufficient for the games individually. Ideally, 55 chips should be enough for 2 people.

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