I’ve had a friend once tell me great tales about the ravishing beauty of  Le Maison Fahrenheit hotel. As I’ve never been there or heard anything about it, my girlfriend and I couldn’t help but plan a visit.

Planning a brunch out on this very day was my happiest thing to do as I’m one you can refer to as a ‘Foodie’. On getting there, we were shocked to find it adjacent to ‘Eko hotel & Suites’ as we’ve passed that route countless times without even taking note of the building. Taking aback by the discovery we reach for the entrance.


TIJESU: I first noticed the cactus plant which was by the see-through elevator, it was beautiful. Present in the outdoor area was also the swimming pool, it felt like summer as I reached my phone to take pictures of the lovely setting. There was also a conference room and a pool bar in the outdoor area.
OLAMIDE: You missed where you had to ask the lifeguard if it was okay to take pictures
TIJESU: lol, yeah.
TIJESU: The receptionist kept smiling at us as I asked her to show us to the restaurant.
OLAMIDE: I didn’t really have expectations about the restaurant which explained why I was so wowed by the interior setting. I sighted the waiter walking towards us holding menus in his hands and Tijesu as usual asked for us to stay at the table where it was more illuminated so he could take great food flatlay I sensed.
TIJESU: I was most glad when he obliged as the table I requested to stay was not a table for two. I loved the space cause it was just by a see-through glass with sun rays reflecting through it, a curtain by it just in case you wanted to switch it up to a cool setting when the sun shifts focus from the table to our faces and a fancy headlamp on the table, seemed like flatlay essentials to me.
TIJESU: He carefully placed separate menus in front of the both of us. I’m always not afraid to take risks when choosing a menu, but then, I decided to play it a little safe this time as I chose a familiar cuisine. It was the Pasta Arrabiata. Getting a cue, from what pasta tastes like I already knew what to expect. I also decided to have the pineapple fruit drink. I stated clearly I’ll prefer it freshly blend.
OLAMIDE: We clearly weren’t in for risks today as I also went for the ‘Rice Pilaf’, it was a dish of the conventional fried rice, salad plantain & chicken. I love the color of strawberries and the taste too which explains why I chose to have the strawberry fruit drink. Although, I wasn’t really particular about freshly blend or wholesome, but then, Tijesu already told the waiter we’ll prefer our drinks freshly blend which was the best option actually.
TIJESU: I noticed it was only one waiter attending to all the visitors at the restaurant. He kept running back & forth trying to take the orders of all the visitors present which reflected poorly on the waiter service of the restaurant.
OLAMIDE: He was very chubby so I felt sorry he had to go through all that stress to get our orders ready.
TIJESU: At least he had to burn some calories
TIJESU: The drinks arrived much earlier than our food which clearly wasn’t the best way that could have been handled. I loved the drink however as it was very chilled and appropriate for a hot afternoon. You know that great feeling you get around your throat when you gulp a cold drink, yeah, it was that sensational!
OLAMIDE: LMAO, I remember reminding the waiter about our orders, and he only assured us it would be served soon enough. I also loved my strawberry fruit drink, it was just as I imagined. Very refreshing!
TIJESU: I actually loved how he interacted patiently with us from time to time considering the pressure he was already under. Thumbs up to him!
TIJESU: My expression grew from sober to happy when I sighted our meal coming finally. A scoop into my pasta confirmed that it was actually worth the wait. It was prepared to perfection with the sauce very pleasing to the taste buds. I’ve never been as content with my menu as I was with the ‘Pasta Arrabiata’.
OLAMIDE: My rice pilaf was all I hoped it would be, the fried rice tasted great, the chicken was very soft and tender as it was easily detachable from the bones. The plantain was not too dry and the salad had just about enough cream.
TIJESU: I remember tasting your chicken, and it wasn’t anything like the conventional chicken served in other restaurants in which the sauce usually fails to get to the inside of the chicken.
TIJESU: Contented with my menu I complemented the waiter even though he wasn’t responsible for the preparation, I knew he was going to relay such a review. I happily requested for a take-away ‘chips and chicken’ so we’ll have it together on our way back home.
OLAMIDE: I watched his smile grow as you complemented our menu, he seemed satisfied and happy  that we eventually loved it even though our order was delayed.
TIJESU: Trust me if your order is delayed at ‘Le Maison Fahrenheit Hotel’ it is definitely to a good cause, as it is apparent whoever is behind the preparation of the meals has great culinary skills.
OLAMIDE: As usual it took a little long for our takeaway meal to get ready, so we kept ourselves occupied with walking around the hotel, taking pictures anywhere we felt looked attractive.
TIJESU: Everywhere looked attractive actually! I noticed every detail as every aesthetic piece I set my eyes upon had its own unique story to tell.
OLAMIDE: Yeah, you were deeply engaged while observing every detail as anyone could tell you were clearly in awe.
TIJESU: We were alerted that our takeaway was finally ready and that was just when our Uber arrived.
OLAMIDE: Perfect timing! Seemed like it was planned lol.
TIJESU: That was when I remembered we haven’t seen the ‘pent house’ (roof top) of the hotel, how timely!!!
OLAMIDE: We agreed to check the ‘pent house’ during our next visit to have a view of the horizon together even though I’m scared of heights lol.
TIJESU: The Uber driver cautioned us not spill food in his car as we shared our takeaway meal during the ride back.
OLAMIDE: And that was a toast to the end of our lovely brunch out.
Pasta Arrabiata – 9/10
Pineapple drink – 8/10
Rice pilaf – 10/10
Very very strawberry – 7/10
Pasta Arrabiata ————————- N5,000
Rice Pilaf ——————————- N5,000
Pineapple drink ————————- N2,500
Very very strawberry ——————– N2,500
Chips & Chicken (Take-away) ———–N5,000
TOTAL ——————————— N20,000
I hope you had a glimpse of our lovely experience, do leave me your genuine feedback in the comment sections as I would be most delighted reading them. Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Tijesu.

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