Lagos city which is known to be one of the busiest cities in Nigeria. A popular state in the country widely known as the ‘City of hustlers’. Lagos indeed a land of opportunity is the smallest in area of the 36 states and ironically the state with the largest population.

‘Lagosian’ – dubious, fallacious, impatient, go-getters, hustlers. Different things come to mind when describing a lagosian as not one word can possibly catalogue its essence.

Every Lagosian has one or two things they are dealing with, thus, they could decide to care less about whatever is going on with you. Don’t go around with the mindset that people should support you because in actual sense no one really owes you any support. The sooner you realize that you are the one responsible for your progress the better for you.

You should also know that they may say they care, but essentially they don’t. Instead you find that people mostly come to you or around you when they believe or know they can get something from you or you have answers to their problems. Such people in reality wouldn’t be hesitant to take you down or take advantage of you to their own benefits.


This has been the situation in the country not just Lagos for a very long time. Although, some argue that you need to put yourself out there – this in itself is not self-sufficient. Even when your talent is outstanding, you hardly break into positions or get opportunities without knowing someone that knows someone.

However, you can combat that by staying true to yourself knowing that it will get to a point in time when your talent will surely speak for you as you can’t go unnoticed forever. You should also have an understanding that attending events, seminars and gatherings have a huge role to play because that’s one of the ways connections that could matter later in the long run can be made.


In recent times, it is known to be very prominent amongst youths and even young adults as there is a cry for belonging. Everyone wants to belong in the upper crust of the Lagos social scene. There is no harm in trying to belong, however, while at that, you shouldn’t compare your life with another or be depressed as a result of what is going on with another person.

You should know that no one would tune down their lives to please you or make you happy, thus, rather than question why something is happening to another person and not you; try trusting on God who is responsible for your timing believing that everything would evolve just as it should.

This way you would be grateful for the things you already have that you didn’t even take note of and take pride in being a better version of yourself each day.


Just as the popular adage says, ‘No one is an island of knowledge’. You can’t possibly know everything as there are times when you might need to gain clarity as to a puzzled situation, it could be on how to carry out a given task/job, or simply a clarity on a direction to your destination.

You’ll come to realize that you’ll move faster by asking questions rather than struggling to do everything on your own hoping you’ll figure it all out.


As a result of the general hustle and bustle life, lagosians barely have chill as people get easily frustrated and may come off as being rude, obnoxious or impolite.

It could be the bus conductor in a commercial bus making rude remarks when you give him a high currency note such as 1000 naira for a fare of about 70 naira, or just a random depressive person you encounter who could be highly irritable as a result of work frustration thus being unnecessarily impolite.

In such situations, it is best to be patient as no one just sets out to be rude, it could be as a result of what they’re going through that you don’t know of. Thus rather than come off as being aggressive just as they are you could choose to ignore, as this makes life much easy.

I hope you learnt a few things from what i’ve come to learn from being a Lagosian, did you find some points particularly helpful? Are there some points you feel might be equally helpful? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section while leaving your genuine feedback as I would be most glad reading them. Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Tijesu.


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