Details of what i’m wearing: Polka dot shirt, a simple pair of navy blue trousers, strapped sandals.
Polka dots remain a classic element in the fashion history. It is one very tricky to pull off especially when you are not used to wearing such a bold print. Polka dots are one of the most eye catching prints, thus, you need to be extremely careful with the styling so as not to appear overboard. But with four tricks I’ll be sharing you’ll be rocking a polka dot in no time.
·    Don’t overpower the rest of the look
Because your shirt is doing most of the talking, you don’t want to overpower the rest of your look with more pattern and color. Thus, keeping the rest of your look fairly neutral with a simple pair of trousers and footwear would keep you rather composed.
·    Style elegantly:
So as not to appear overboard, the styling of the latter part of the look is quite important. You could try being ‘matchy’, for instance, a matchy belt and footwear to keep you on check. You could also style your polka dot shirt with a pair of sandals, shoes, or sneakers depending on what you feel most comfortable with.
·    Accessorize:
In a bid to complement the bold statement you’re already implying, accessories such as a pair of wrist-watch and a pair of glasses would only complement your look with a feel of elegance.
·    Confidence is Key:
Finally, because Polka dot fashion is noisy by default, you have to ooze of confidence so as to handle the attention with ease.
If you’re seeking to be noticed, then the polka dot fashion is just for you. Once you are convinced to wear polka dots, start by choosing only one accessory such as a scarf or a tie as you can’t go too wrong here. You can level up with a polka dot shirt. If you think you are brave enough, you could try the polka dot trousers as they are for those who are feeling extremely adventurous with what they’re wearing. Now if you think you’re braver the polka dot jacket/blazer/suit is just for you, brace yourself for the attention though, as it is going to be immense.
Did you find this helpful? Are you going to try your take on the polka dot fashion? Let me know what you feel in the comments section as I would be much delighted reading them. Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Tijesu.


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