The New York fashion week which is one of the year’s biggest fashion events – a ten days event which holds semi-annually in the periods of February and September respectively.

With the just concluded first half of the series which held between February 8th & February 16 ending yesterday, various fashion designers following the usual culture took to the runway to showcase their unique pieces and collections. As a show wouldn’t be complete without viewers, present also were creatives, fashion enthusiasts and of course bloggers who graced as viewers also showcasing their sense of style.

There were really jaw dropping looks; both from the guys and ladies, looks really worthy of an applause that i came across and found interesting. Of course, i came across such looks online and not in New york just to be clear lol. Behold! The looks!!!!!


Loveee the fanny bag & the beanie. it gives the look a pop of color. I love that the rest of the look was styled in a fairly neutral ensemble.

A monochrome look. Every detail in a sync, the palazzo definitely made a statement.

Jumpsuit never looked better, the matchy bag and sneakers complements the outfit so well.
Fur coat, neck scarf, very cool shades; all rocky vibes.
Hair complements trench, pants complements shoes – a perfect color scheme!!


I must say i’m really into the ladies looks as i was completely left in awe by these few…

A lewwwwwwwk! The bucket hat, vintage glasses, the cigarette held stylishly. How can you be so noisy yet composed. I’m shook!!!!  
From the loud pants to the trench to the ‘see through’ turtle neck. Everything is working!!!!
Perfect!!!! The pants complement the chunk heels. Super cool glasses & hair.  Just when i thought i had enough, the woven basket/bag and the magazine gives the look a whole new vintage vibe!!!

YES!!!! It’s a coat over a suit and i’m totally having it. The detail around her waist pairing with her coat redefines conventional looks of today!!!

A Valentine inspired look i’m guessing, if it’s one however, it’s probably the best i’ve seen ever. The Bold red trench paired with matchy bags and heels is too much to behold! The distressed hem of the jeans on the other hand definitely added some more spice!!!

I hope you were inspired by some of these looks. What do you think about the looks? Did you find any look particularly interesting? Did you prefer the guys looks over the ladies?  What is your general overview? Let me know in the comments section as i would be delighted reading them. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Tijesu.


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