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The Grammy Award Show which recently held at Madison Square Garden, New York last Sunday, January 28th, 2018. A show which marks one of the biggest nights in the entertainment industry offering the brightest of the music industry a chance to celebrate their achievements for the year just ended. 

Although, the award show is really one to root for, we’ll be lying if we tell you that’s all we’re looking out for as we also want to have a glimpse of their individual unique sense of style.
While some dazzled in stunning outfits on the red carpet, redefining trends and setting paces.

Recording artiste Lana Del Rey in a stunning gucci dress accesorized with a crown of stars
Lady Gaga in an Armani Prive Lace dress serving gothic vibes

Fifth harmony breakout Solo Star Camila Cabello in a strapless ruched gown accessorized with a small disco purse giving it a chic look.

American rapper, Cardi B in an angelic Ashi studio dress styling it with a pair of Christain Loubotin shoes.

Some like Beyonce and Rihanna weren’t all about the paparazzi and preferred to miss the red carpet thus going straight for the main event.

Also, some as expected missed the mark with their hilarious ensembles, not-so-interesting looks and style not worthy of a fashion statement.

American recording artist Pink in a strapless gown

TIJESU: The numerous feathers and the flamboyant colors of the dress didn’t make her stand out in the best way. I can tell she really wanted to spice it up with that large belt round her waist, but no, nothing was working from the very beginning this doesn’t still make it a wow, I applaud her white rose however, at least she joined in the campaign against sex assault, she probably has some issues with styling as it was just tucked carelessly into the not so flattery ‘bird dress’ giving it a choked outlook.

ENKAY: First of all, nah!!!! That’s a very ugly dress. It looks like an Igbo masquerade was beaten, his uniform stolen from him, shredded and then used to make a dress for pink to wear. The dress is seriously hurting my eyes. Maybe if she added a pair of drooping earrings, it would have made a little sense.

MEKA: The gown is actually beautiful and artsy, I just don’t think it vines with her skin color.

Colombian-American recording artist Kali Uchis in a silver and pink seventies inspired catsuit with flared trousers and arms

TIJESU: I don’t get why both the arms and trousers of the jumpsuit are flared. Maybe it won’t be so confusing if only the trousers were flared. Some statement earrings might have given the look the much needed elegance, not those dated earrings she has on display.

ENKAY: What in the Amy Whine house before rehab and after rehab waste of fabric is this? I can’t understand this outfit. Like, what exactly was she going for? That fabric looks like aso-oke so maybe she was trying to make some kind of fashion statement, IONO! What I know is, it has a very wrong fit! Very wrong! I forgot to mention her makeup is also terrible!!

MEKA: The jumpsuit is a NO-NO! It doesn’t even fit the occasion. I love the way her hair was pulled back though, I think that’s the only thing I like.

Actor Jenny Mc carthy in a sequined illusion dress, mesh gloves and ‘oversized’ sun glasses.

TIJESU: A stand out move Jenny with the colorful hairdo which really tried to give the look some spice, sadly, the latter part of the outfit fell apart as nothing exactly is working, lovely shades but it doesn’t complement the outfit girl, love the shimmery details of the dress but it’s still not glamorous, it looks rather choked at the upper region. I’m also here wondering what inspired those gloves, what a terrible styling!

ENKAY: I love her hair actually, if I’ll ever dye my hair, it will be this color. Earth green!! It’s funny how I’m digging everything on her asides the dress. I love the fish net gloves, the hair and the sunglasses. The dress is not just working for me.

MEKA: I don’t know what’s happening from her waist downwards, the glove wasn’t necessary and the gown isn’t just right on her from the waist.

American actress and wife to Ice T (rapper & actor) Coco Austin in a bizarre black dress 

TIJESU: Oh wow!!! I’ll start with the choker, looks like collar chain for dogs on her as she doesn’t possess much neck space to make it flattery, down to the dress which has a little too much detailing giving it an ill-fitting outlook with the major skin bared. She also had to match it with them basic shoes, how worse can this get? how would I forget to make mention of the wrong shade of lipstick she’s also wearing, bold red might have given it that glamour she’s really yearning for.

ENKAY: When I see Coco, I see plastic surgery gone wrong. What happened to working hard in the gym for that banging body? Anyways, I actually love this dress, love the detailing, love her shoes. Her poses are very whack though, like, she looks like a bad stripper.

MEKA: She’s not even dressed appropriate, the gown literally wants to burst out. But then, it’s a little still manageable.

American-German model Heidi Klum in a lingerie inspired lacy naked dress

TIJESU: She looks like she was in a role play session when she was alerted about the award show. Hurriedly, she wears a see through lace over it and pairs them with heels, she forgot her whip though.

ENKAY: This outfit is not so bad. I like that it accentuates more curves on her un-curvy body. I like the exact places on the dress where it is sheer. So yeah, good for me.

MEKA: The only thing I love about the outfit is the corset, nothing more!!!

Makeup artist, beauty and fashion blogger Patrick Starr in a pink and lilac ensemble

TIJESU: LMAO! From the Knee high boots to the overly dramatic attire, he looks like a horrible mess standing out for the wrong reasons. Like how would you style purple and pink together? How contrasting!!!! Out here looking like a joke, he probably thinks it’s a casting for a movie role of a clown. The only thing I’m digging here is the matching accessories and turban hairdo.

ENKAY: Funny thing is everything on this outfit is goals asides them shorts. The shorts are either too tight or maybe I’d have preferred a ‘skort’. He really killed it with the turban and that flawless kimono.

MEKA: Aww Patrick this isn’t drag boo, the short? Really is that a cleavage showing what? I love the head tie and the boots, hell nah for the shorts!!!

American gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson in a rather confusing ensemble

TIJESU: I’m trying so hard to understand this outfit, like I’m actually making an effort. It screams wannabe!!! It’s like a gold fish trying to be a shark, very impossible! You can tell she really wanted to make a statement. Apart, from her tacky makeup and blue nail painting that isn’t so aware it is contradicting just about everything, the hairdo in no way complements the outfit.

ENKAY: Lol!!! I kant! I just kant! What’s with the unequal unflattering fringe cut? That dress is not even her size, I don’t get why she wore that. What killed me was the faux fur added. Like brah! It made the outfit worse, it still couldn’t give it some class.

MEKA: This is manageable, just that the boobs are about to pop out lol.

American rapper Rapsody in a green suit with a long train

TIJESU: I like how she styled the white rose plus the details of the suit are great, even though the suit isn’t. Like, why extend it further into a cape, peep her belly though, did it pop the last button? Could it be a ‘wardrobe failure’ we are looking at? Or there isn’t supposed to be a button where the belly is protruding? She probably ate all day, now her cloth won’t fit.

ENKAY: The outfit would have killed without the cape like thing underneath. Like what exactly is this meant to be? A cape suit ish jumpsuit??? The stylist, the fashion designer and everyone involved in making this should be fined.
MEKA: The train is so unnecessary. Boo to the stylists as it was already a great outfit until they added the cape, which made it over everywhere to no good cause and also made her look rather uncomfortable.

Singer, Song writer India Arie in a monochrome dress.
TIJESU: It’s an eye sore for me, with the insane patterns of the outfit, I just don’t get it. I also don’t dig the nude lipstick choice.

ENKAY: I love her hair and even her pose. But I sincerely don’t know what I’m looking at here, maybe if I got more angles I’ll understand. But then, truthfully, this is not bad to me. I definitely love trendsetters and this outfit has a lot of interesting parts. There’s nothing sexier than scruffy/unkempt hair. I am seriously into this look!

MEKA: I love the simplicity of her style.

Recording artist Janell Monae in a Dolce & Gabbana Jumpsuit
TIJESU: I love the floral embroidery of the jumpsuit and her hair maybe, I just really find her style boring!!!!

ENKAY: I think Janelle should explore more with fashion without doing the suit and tie thing. It’s old and not so cute anymore. There’s more she can do with her style. These limitations aren’t just right.

MEKA: Janelle can never go wrong in my eyes, I love the look from head to toe, She chose the right colors, not too flashy. Her hair is lovely and her makeup really complemented her dress.

In the end, there’s really no right way to be creative. Do you agree or disagree with our opinions, let’s know in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Tijesu.


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