I have heard a lot about freedom park, although, I didn’t know exactly where it was located as I always wanted to go there (I probably always want to go everywhere lol).
How did I finally find out about the location? I got to know about it during one of my tourist escapades. I took a keke napep right from Obalende to CMS, and It was somewhere right in between, I noticed the ancient aesthetic walls of the park and that’s all it took for me to plan a visit.
How can you get there? From Obalende or CMS take a 50 naira napep to Freedom park, and that’s it!!!!

On getting there it was as beautiful just as I saw it the last time, the only difference was that the other time I could only have a glimpse rather than now as I could observe every detail.


There is a security post at the entrance and of course a security guard by it.
ME: Good day, I would love to see around.
SECURITY GUARD: Welcome sir, its 200 naira to see around.
ME: Oh, sure.
And that was it to see around, inside the park is quite large and I didn’t know how to navigate, thanks to the sign boards which were very descriptive as to where the museum, food court and other attractions are.




So the first attraction which I noticed was the tree bridge, probably because it’s just behind the security post at the entrance or because of its popularity online, I noted it as I was going to create something from it. It was so much fun climbing and of course it was great to watch the exuding beauty created from the sunlight setting on the green leaves as it was already late afternoon.


Hurriedly, I headed for the relaxation space where there were concrete park chairs to sit, it was very quiet and beautiful in there I must say, a location suitable for dates as I could sight different pairs having a nice time lol. There were various historic statutes to keep your eyes busy with and of course learn one or two things you probably didn’t know about. 

Just when I thought that was all of the lovely things in the park I found the beautiful tunnel. Oh my! Without much exaggeration it’s dreamy, It felt like I was in Paris, the beautiful flowers, perching butterflies, it was all warm vibes.




Finding my way out of the relaxation space, and scouting around for other attractions was when I noticed this peeping colorful wall, definitely would add up for a backdrop enhancing a great photo lol.



There was also a food court and a museum which I didn’t get to see because time was already running out, very sad I know, but then, that would probably be my first stop during my next visit, because I’m definitely visiting again!!!!


A grill station with an aesthetic outlook was one I also noticed on my way out of the park, looked like a spot for relaxation while having a scrumptious meal!

What an experience I had! One which I didn’t want to end. What a lovely place to hang out when on a budget! Slowly I paved the security guard goodbye and that was a toast to the end of the day.


I hope you had a glimpse of my lovely experience at Freedom Park, do leave me your exact thoughts while reading this. Thanks for stopping by!
Love Tijesu.


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