Hi my name is Tijesunimi and i describe myself as a fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Lagos city. I’m 21 years old and i started creating content on my instagram about a year ago. I am beyond thrilled to finally start a blog as i’ve always wanted to have a blog filled with my daily style, fashion tips, food reviews and all of my personality in one place.

At some point in my life, i felt a bit lost, in the sense that, i really felt i had no direction of what i wanted to do outside academics. I was often pulled in different directions – one minute i would want to pursue modeling, another minute photography, another minute music, and before i knew it, i’d lose interest in everything and decide to try something new.

I’ll have friends tell me i’m a bit confused, it took so much time to personally figure myself out. i noticed i had great passion for taking photos, writing, and just sharing fashion advice with my family and friends and it all became clear. I suppose a blog wouldn’t be too bad an idea to allow you all know me a little better, it’s also really not going to be all about me as my content would cut across various spheres of lifestyles from reviewing restaurants visited, to reviewing fashions events and shows locally and internationally. You’ll really get a broad view of my opinions on fashion & lifestyle.




(1.) I love being referred to by my full name ‘Tijesunimi’. Growing up with a long Nigerian Yoruba name wasn’t so easy, as i frequently encountered so many people undergoing difficulties in pronouncing my name, apart from hilarious pronunciations such as ‘Tejuosho’, ‘Tejesu’ e.t.c, a larger few took delight in shortening it, for instance, ‘Tijesu’, ‘TJ’ e.t.c. and then i just find it lovely when someone refers to my name in full.

(2.) I still sing and i tend to keep quiet about it but it’s also something that i would love to keep doing and pursue more aside from blogging and creating content.

(3.) I am currently in my 5th year in Babcock University studying accounting, and i’m still super confused if it’s the right part for me, as i question myself a lot because i’ve always wanted to do something different lol.

(4.) I don’t have a favorite food, most people usually have a likeness for a particular food or delicacy, but then, i’m all about any delicacy that tastes great and is soothingly pleasing to the mouth.

(5.) My favorite desserts are endless as it ranges from cupcakes to cookies to waffles, but i would love to stick to waffles, waffles and ice cream particularly, isn’t the combo just lovely? It’s just amazing how they seem to complement each other, you can already tell i’m such a sweet tooth!

(6.) I am a fine blend of an introvert  and an extrovert, an ‘ambivert’ maybe. In as much as i like to make new friends, meet new people and just follow through with that vibe, i love my space so very much and i don’t like anyone too much in my business.
(7.) I’m also very reserved especially at public gatherings, as similar as this is to the introvert side of my personality, there is another side to it as people tend to mistake me for shy, in contrast, i don’t classify myself as a shy person as i’m very outspoken, but then, it depends on the situation in which i find myself or the degree of how comfortable i am with the people around me, people also tend to mistake me for intimidating, as i get told sometimes that i’m presumably difficult to approach and they don’t usually have the courage to approach me but i feel the same way as i could also get a little intimidated to approach people. Never be afraid to say hi if you see me around. I love meeting you all!!!!!
(8.) I’m not a great lover of sports, as there is not one sport really that i follow through, but then, there is one sport i really have great interest for which is table tennis, which is probably as a result of family influence, as both of my parents happened to be great lovers of the sport. In summary, it’s the only sport i can boast that i can at least try lol.
(9.) I am a very patient person, but then, i could be very impatient when i spot bitchy, extremely unpleasant, attitude problems people. I sense obnoxiousness from miles away and i usually don’t have chills when dealing with such people as i could snap at every glimpse of unpleasantness. I’m always in my lane and it’s only expected of you to respect that, but then, if you choose to be obnoxious, how about let’s play the game!!!!!!
(10.) I always try to keep my fashion game on a 100, and my principle towards that is to always have to mindset that you could meet someone anywhere anytime not minding if it’s someone you know or not, it could be at a store, a bus stop or just about anywhere, in as much as i don’t dress to impress anyone, i always try to look presentable.





  • I don’t really club, although, i find it very refreshing as you get to chill and simply live in the moment, i also find it ‘not my thing’ and somewhat pressurizing as i neither drink nor smoke.
  • I won’t say i’m sapiosexual, as i’m not exactly attracted to intelligent people, but then, i just love meeting, having conversations and sharing intellects with such people.
  • I am a FOODIE!!! Those that know me personally would probably add more exclamations as i love food so very much and can do anything to be with food lmao.



I hope you really got to know me better with this little fun facts about me, I’d love to share some more facts about me, so feel free to ask any question whatsoever and give your honest feedback in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Tijesu.

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